Jun. 11th, 2012

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Today (or rather, tonight), I played my first Visual Novel - Analogue: A Hate Story.  You are a... archaeologist/salvager/PI... it's not exactly clear what your job is, but you're given an assignment to investigate a derelict generation ship, the Mugunghwa, which was launched a nearly a thousand years ago, and never reached its destination.  Your job is to find out why. That isn't necessarily going to be simple, however.
Apparently, actually boarding the ship would be inconceivable, so your only avenue of investigation is through remotely accessing the ship's computers.  Fortunately, you quickly manage to reactive the ship's archival AI, who offers to help you piece together the ship's history from whatever scraps of documents you can find.  (She actually doesn't know it herself).  Unfortunately, there is a major complicating factor in that the ship, in addition to being ancient, was apparently designed by the United Federation of Planets, and therefore, nothing works or makes sense - Mainly, the 'chat' function is broken, so you can't actually *talk* to anyone.  The bulk of the 'gameplay' is therefore just going through the archives, trying (often vainly) to communicate via pointing in the general direction of important documents and the occasional yes/no question.

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** (Added Trigger Warnings, Rot 13'd spoilers) I have now edited this post three times...

*** (Added Cuts) Make that four.


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