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Let's start with interviews with some of the most prominent Beats and their contemporaries, of those still alive, that is.

A pair of things that are important - the near-impossibility of paying for care and living when you're older, coupled with the idea that everyone deserves retirement not just from "men's" work, but "women's" work, too, especially those who have been performing that "women's" work for most of their lives.

The multi-camera sitcom is undergoing a revival, which is good, because a lot of good shows are in that format. (And so are a lot of bad ones.)

Hollywood is having a bad time with portraying interracial couples, even though it's been fifty years since marriage between races was legalized.

A man sent home for wearing shorts came back in a dress. French bus drivers use skirts to beat the heat when their shorts are deemed inappropriate. Exeter students wearing skirts when told they can't wear shorts in the heat.

What you think about discrimination is strongly influenced by your political leaning and your region of the country. After all, the Southern Baptist Convention almost managed not to condemn racism and white supremacy. (They have produced a more gender-inclusive translation of the Christian Foundational Writings, even though if you asked them, they'd deny they were doing it that way, claming it's just historical accuracy.

Long after the mosque was set ablaze, a Muslim community still feels the effects of terrorism. In places that aren't beset by radicals, breaking bread with your neighbors, regardless of their religious beliefs, brings community together. Exposing an insular person to the realities around them can change their minds.

Inside a high school that has nearly half of its student population as refugees from other countries.

Photographs of black soldiers working in the Army Corps of Engineers to build Alaskan land links. Repurposing a highway stretch to become a more civic-oriented and community-building place.

The practice of women serving in combat roles in the army of the United States is older than the United States. Using a pole and friends to walk up walls.

Venezuelans are crossing the border to get necessary supplies in Colombia before coming home. The problem is that even with minimum wage increases, the puchasing power of the currency is going down. In Brazil, the squatters are banding together to try and eke out their living while the government is cleaning all sorts of house as corruption is revealed and prosecuted all across the parties.

Soccer academies across Africa are giving some residents a shot at a U.S.-based education along with the sport training, but there are far too few academy students to meet the needs for thorough education in many of the target countries.

Riding the trains of India that were revolutionary...about a hundred years ago.

The cookbook of District Six, a South African neighborhood forcibly altered by apartheid. Bosnian students protesting segregated schools.

International schools that teach in English are getting more popular as parents seek a competitive edge for their children in the United States. The cultural forces working to make Indian-Americans spelling bee champions. The long climb to get black students competing with white ones in the spelling bees.

Japan's child shelters need significant amount of work to get up to the standards of other nations. South Korea is not a welcoming place for tattoo artists, especially those tattoo artists that are women, due to cultural notions of purity and a law that forbids being a tattoo artist.

Movies where more than 30% of the main cast are nonwhite do waaaaaaaay better at the box office.

Inmates in a tent city in the middle of Arizona - no air conditioning, and if they're lucky, the low might be 90 degrees. And to his credit, the current Sheriff is shutting it down...because it's uneconomical. Maybe not so much credit. Because prisons put heavy costs on those who want to visit. That is, when the prisons themselves aren't causing health risks by being situated on toxic ground or failing to correct, or even have entities supposed to catch, things going wrong in a prison.

A Kansas inmate was released after it came to light that a person that looked exceedlingly like him and had a similar name was in the same area the inmate was when he was accused of a crime.

Human trafficking happens plenty for farm workers who can't get any oher jobs without their immigration status becoming known.

The United States Post Office used to be the center of technical innovation in the service of getting the mail to move faster and to the farthest reaches of the country.

The need to be able to not only be armed with fact against fakery, but to be able to provide it in ways that can't be weaseled out of.

Differences in culture can mean easy passage of a test that confounds another cultural group.The calculation of the earth's circumference, based on observations of shadows cast.

An interview with the journalist that discovered the anti-gay purge in Chechnya.

Disney princesses and Disney Queens, portrayed by models and their mothers.

A nonsense rhymer of India, Anushka Ravishankar, being compared to Theodor Seuss Geisel. Soviet propaganda books for children. A fable, fairy tale, and folklore classification index.

Liberal arts colleges are putting in special efforts and cohorts to get veterans graduated with college degrees.

Linguistics explains why trying to say "covfefe" is going to result in your vocal systems rebelling against you.

Using tattoo work to give scars context and art, jewelry pieces that look like scale, the first registered tattoo artist of Victorian England, with pictures of his work,

An African show produced by MTV that's also subtly providing useful sex ed for Africans.

a study supporting the idea that high lead level exposures as children resulted in more violent crime later on in life.

Honey created with colors, using sugar sources other than plants, microbes evolving to eat petroleum products of various sorts, elk get better at avoiding hunters with age , herd dynamics are complex mathematical situations, dinosaurs owe volacnoes thanks for their evolutionary supremacy, New York City, when it was mostly farmland and grazing space, the ways that cats became human companions, the cats of a museum, animals in funny situations, foxes that decorate with skeletons, popsicles made from the polluted waters of Taiwan, crocheting giant urchins for the marina landscape, which is different than the giant rubber duck that appeared in a water near me during a maritime festival, the best cats of Reyjavik, tattoos and drawings of cats giving tattoos, trying to conserve giant insects in New Zealand, studying antlers and the cells that make them to see if we can achieve impressive regeneration in humans, modeling the possibilities of crop failures worldwide - it's not a pretty picture, farmers benefiting from less intensive methods in crop production in a zone with climate troubles, different breads may have a different blood sugar response in different people, trying to reduce the rate in which kittens are killed, desperately trying to save soil from being farmed and then blown away in a dust storm, the economic benefits of reversing climate change, a non-organized fractal planting pattern results in optimum yields without coordination, a garden grown in a prison yard that the inmates started illicitly, but that helped keep them behaving well while there, and s baby bird preseved in amber that teaches us a lot about the dinosaurs that the birds came from.

In technology, the Deseret alphabet, designed by Mormons, the rubber-chicken solution to a broken bus stop problem, raiding the pharmacopeias of previous eras to find new ways of fighting infections and microbes, some of the first color photographs from an autochrome process, trying to figure out when fire became a staple of early human life, noticing cuneiform as accounting language, the changing ideas about whether windows are good for patient rooms or bad, the prominence of currency throughout history, using a particular copper form to potentially produce biofuels with carbon dioxide and electric current, the reason why every baker has chemists to thank for baking powder, a "social media" app that doesn't actually offer social. Or media. Or lets you do anything but just tap to watch things appear, the successes of public health against deaths by diarrhea, the importance of following the Do Not Track protocol, analyzing malware meant to infect and turn off power grids, making microbeads out of plant matter, watching light bend apparently frictionlessly around substances, the possibility that the television you consume can shape your views toward authoritarianism, as much of the television produces leans in the direction of authoritarianism, a gene that might express how much we feel pain, the House of David baseball team, cultists with remarkably good bat, ball, and pepper game skills, and the difficulties of preserving a thing that was made with things that decompose, change, or otherwise refuse to stay put.

The Supreme Court of the United States says people cannot be banned from the Internet in general, regardless of what they've done to earn it.

Last for tonight, a heat wave in the desert melts much of the technology humans use to survive in that desert.

The terminiology around marijuana has changed...some in the last sixty years. And some hasn't.

The Silent Reading Club, which sounds a lot like a great way to get your introverts to recharge after a day of having to people, remembering the books that were essential to you but that others may not recall at all, the unionization announcement of the Baby-Sitter's Club,

And how much Dungeons and Dragons owes to women, as writers, columnists, and book authors. Along with a lot of other things that lots of geeks owe to women. And women scientists in countries where women are not considered good enough for anything.

Lois Lane explains to us the very first instance of Superdickery.


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