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So.  I'm alive.  Really.

Slowly working on getting the next bit of Chronicles of the Imperial Wars done, but mostly, I've been... distracted, by other stories, by drawing (I've been doing quite a bit of drawing... realized I've been doing knees all wrong), and mainly, by an RPG I've been trying to restart.  Unfortunately, one of the main players is having problems getting internet access, and we can't really get together, so... I dunno.

I'm actually 99% done with the next part for CotIW, it just... isn't writing.  And so many other ideas.  I've tried to hold off on working on them, too, but it isn't helping - aside from the stuff I've mentioned before... somewhere... I've got an idea for a second fanfiction project/series, this one involving the incredible weirdness that is Ar Tonelico, because I am a bad person and like breaking universes.

Hopefully the next bit of CotIW will be out soon (within the month, at least!), and, since I'll post a link here in the Author's Notes to that, maybe I won't be so FOREVER ALONE.  I've got some of the chapter *after that* ready (because Chapter From Hell), but I'd like to see if that's what people want, or maybe they're interested in something else.

Feh.  I can't seem to get things done on a reasonable schedule, ever.
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