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TW: Misogyny, Rape.

So.  Early last week, I recieved a link out of a Slacktivist thread leading to the blog of one John C. Wright, apparently a Sci-Fi author.  It led to an interesting bit about the nature of reality, knowledge, and the scale of the universe.  It wasn't long, however, before I realized I was dealing with Republican territory, as the subsequent post was about... how horrible non-Christians are.  Also, Obama taking over schools, or something.  He was complaining about conservatives taking the defensive (somehow), so I said that, well, they're called conservatives because they defend/conserve the status quo.

This prompted him to write a massive post about how Progressivism is actually a form of totalitarianism, which is COMMUNAZISM, and, well... it was a thing.  Pretty inane, but yet, I felt obligated to respond.

Then I read the next post.  I... I can't go back.

I can only take so much evil.

It went on about how women in fantasy fiction are historically inaccurate.  Okay, so far, so ordinary.  And yet he managed to sprinkle it with such subtly eloquent misogyny that it was... like a perfect cocktail of wrong.  Leaving aside the fact that he seems to operate under Parthenogenesis universe conditions (which may have something to do with the whole 'birth control is evil' thing), he then decides that the reason modern fantasy fiction has female characters (that do something) is because the public school system indoctrinates children to be ahistorical.  Fantasy fiction, you see, can't be good unless it's based on real history, so that means no female warriors.  It's okay, though, because females can still be love interests and damsels in distress!  After all, Guinevere toppled a kingdom with a bat of her eyelashes...

Bonus: Ooh, ooh, guess what his example of female bravery was?  Being raped.  I wish I was kidding.

Yeah.  I won't be messing with this drek.
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