Jul. 4th, 2013

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So, I was looking through Deviant Art's FAQ and TOS in re: a thing... and I realized their rules as written are way, way stricter than actually enforced.  Not to mention, they're a little... wonky.  For instance, the Nanoha/Fate shipping pictures that seem to be everywhere?  All against the TOS - their average age over the series is 14 (26 episodes where they're 9, 26 where they're 19).  And that's if you're not taking into account the fact that Fate was 'born' at the physical age of around 6-8, making her chronologically around 12 even in Strikers.  It is explicitly forbidden to *age up* a character whose average age is below 18, and show them in even a slightly sexual situation.  Like, Christian Side Hug would be unacceptable.  And the Subaru/Teana shippers?  Yeah no.

It's not just the age thing, which is at least *kind of* understandable.  It's all sorts of sexual imagery which gets in, yet violates the terms of service.  Nothing 'hardcore', true, but there's a lot of softcore porn.  (Actually, I did see a just-shy of hardcore M/M image.  They had their clothes half off, and were on top of each other)  Some pretty kinky stuff, too.  It's not that I have any problem with this.  It's just that the ToS, as written, is way more restrictive than it needs to be.  Way more restrictive than it *is*.

And of course, there's violence.  Guess what the restrictions on violence are.

Do not show or imply self-harm, in any way.  That's it.  Blood and guts everywhere?  A-okay, as long as it's not self-inflicted!
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 So, I decided to post some of my older art on Deviant Art, which I'd been hesitating to do for a while.  There's something like 5 images.  It's old, but it's not bad!  Go look at it!  Go!


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