May. 6th, 2012

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So.  Let's start the ball rolling with a bit of an overview of Chronicles of the Imperial Wars - a fanfic project I'm currently working (if a bit... slowly) on.  It's a pretty simple concept - a crossover between Warhammer 40,000 and Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha.  On one, level, I admit it seems illogical.  These two series are pretty far apart - Warhammer is tabletop wargame setting, as such, riddled with constant war, and its background lore is astonishingly grim - in fact, it originated the term 'GRIMDARK' - the over-the-top, overriding, almost comical miasma of darkness that characterizes it.  There is precious little logic, or even characterization to be found.  Mostly, things happen because they are terrible.  Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, meanwhile, exhibits many of the characteristics a title like that would bring to mind - excessively ornate/pretty costumes, the power of friendship, etc - but at the same time, it is (I am told) somewhat atypical, as it quickly expands to feature an entire society - think of something like Star Trek's Federation, except with magic, and the series takes a more serious turn as Nanoha volunteers to help this Time-Space Administration Bureau in their quest to protect the dimensions from terrorists, dangerous artifacts, and criminals, while also being ridiculously awesome.

I will admit that the idea doesn't have any particularly dramatic origins - I (and some of my friends) thought the Imperium of Man fighting the TSAB would be cool.  Still, it the sheer contrast does offer a lot of potential.  Here we have two series that are basically on opposite sides of any line you care to draw - while there's enough to almost eke out a similarity, the powers are so different in ideology, tactics, technology...  I've 'had' to be a little fast-and-loose with both series' canon (inasmuch as 40k has a canon), but I think the changes I've made are improvements... or at least, interesting.  

It's very interesting to me, anyways... but far too much to even attempt to summarize in one post... except to say that more details on both will be forthcoming.  As will actual CotIW chapters.  Eventually.


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